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IP Mailer is now ChkIP!

Upgrade now - IP Mailer 2004 stops resolving external addresses in January 2013!

To switch to ChkIP you must register for an account, because ChkIP works differently then the old IP Mailer application. ChkIP only installs a minimal application, that runs as a Windows Service, on the PC you want to monitor. This adds stability and reliability to the monitoring. All the settings of who to send the emails to, log of IP addresses and much more are on the website. And all the emails are sent from our servers, so you do not have to have access to any SMTP severs as with the IP Mailer application. All in all, this new system should be both easier to use and less work to maintain. If there is a problem, our system will send you an email about it automatically.

ChkIP is free for 30 days, so you can test it, get familiar with it, and make absolutely sure it provides the functionality you need. After the free month, if you wish to continue, the cost is USD $19 (EUR €15) per subscription/year. (Customers of IP Mailer have received instructions for upgrading at special prices)

To get started, follow the simple 3 step Registration Wizard. No credit cards or payments are needed for the free 30 day evaluation!. Nothing needs to be cancelled to avoid getting charged. Free really means free here.

About ChkIP Security

The new ChkIP system incorporates several security measures that are put in place to minimize the risk of your IP address getting into the hands of others, as well as making sure nobody hacks your accounts and resulting in you getting incorrect updates about your IP address. To install ChkIP on several computers, you need to have an equal amount of subscriptions. Using one subscription to monitor several computers will fail as the system is constructed for high tolerance and security. If a second computer tries to connect using the same subscription, it is considered an attempt to hack your account and you will be notified via email immediately.

How it all works

The ChkIP Monitor application you install on your PC will regularly check with our server (ChkIP Server) what your current external IP Address is. If it has changed, then our server will send out the emails about the change to the recipients you have selected to receive the notification.

ChkIP, IP Monitor

Is the right tool for you when

  • You have remote-control software installed on your computer, and need to know where it is (it's IP address) in order to use it.
  • Web and FTP servers with dynamic IP addresses has to be accessible by you or your friends.
  • You want to know when your IP address has changed automatically.


  • Monitoring client for Windows XP, Vista and 7 (Windows Service that works regardless if a user is logged in or not)
  • Open API, create your own client monitor for other platforms (Estim. Availability in Q2 2012)
  • Free for 30 days
  • Logs your IP's for your own review