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IP Mailer became ChkIP

ChkIP used to available under the name IP Mailer, but when the product was totally rewritten and re-designed in 2012 to be a product in the cloud, it was renamed as well. Welcome to the new and improved IP Mailer (originally launched in 2001).

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IP Mailer Popularity

"IP Mailer 2004" stopped resolving external IP addreses on January 21st 2013. The IP Mailer Windows application, at the time it was disabled, resolved an external IP address for customers once every 2 seconds or less. The IP Mailer server received over 29 million requests for external IP address per year!

Monitor your IP Address - Step 1/3

Do you want to register as a person, or as a representative of some Company or Organization?

The steps to begin monitoring your IP address

Step 1 (this step)

  • Select whether you are registering as a person, or company/business

Step 2

  • Provide your details, including nickname of the computer you want to monitor, and your own name and email address

Step 3

  • You receive an email that includes a link you must click, to confirm that the email address really is yours.
    The title of the email is: "Confirmation and Instructions from ChkIP, the IP Monitor service"
  • When confirming your email address, a page opens that instructs you to Download the Software to your PC
  • You will receive another email, titled "Instructions from ChkIP, the IP Monitor service", with your subscription KEY and link to Download
  • Then you should proceed to download the software, and enter the Subscription KEY into the software when installing

That is all you need to do. After the above steps, your computer is monitored and you will recieve emails when the IP address changes.